Thursday, 27/06/2019

Business Plan Tips


1. Project forward & introduction

2. Entrepreneur’s profile (for the applicant & all company’s directors/partners if available)

3. Business/Company profile

4. Human resource management aspect:

  1. Organisational structure
  2. Work description
  3. Wages schedule

5. Services & operation aspect:

  1. Equipment/existing assets (if currently in business)
  2. Equipment & assets required
  3. Stocks/existing raw materials (if currently in business)
  4. Stocks/raw materials required
  5. Operation hours

6. Marketing aspect:

  1. Location - where & its advantageous
  2. Business premises - its address
  3. Target group - who are the buyers
  4. Target group size - how many buyers at the location
  5. Sales forecast for 2 years including the sales assumptions and forecast for the first month after the financing is approved
  6. Sales trend
  7. Marketing strategy
  8. Competitor analysis

7. Financial aspect:

  1. Business’s gross margin
  2. Financial flow detail
  3. Project cost
  4. Monthly cash flow forecast (2 years) - including payment to PUNB @ 5% per year (Young Entrepreneur @ 4% per year) for 7 years tenure
  5. Profit/Lost forecast (2 years)

8. Referee - a person who can be contacted for information on the applicant/application

9. Summary

10. Appendices (please refer below for the list of appendices required)


1. Appendix 1: (for the applicant & company’s directors/partners)
  1. 1 copy of mykad
  2. 2 copies of passport sized photograph
  3. 1 copy of the highest academic qualification
  4. 1 copy of relevant training certificates
  5. 1 copy of relavant confirmation letters
  6. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA 2) form to be filled in by the applicant and company’s directors
2. Appendix 2:
  1. Copies of business registration (SSM), Form A, C & D for Private enterprise or Partnership OR Form 9, 24 & 49 and Memorandum & Articles of Association for Sdn Bhd company
  2. A copy of business license (PBT) & relevant permits
  3. Enterprise/Company’s bank account statement for 6 months or current month
  4. Financial/Accounting statements (Profit/Loss Statement & Balance Sheet) for 3 years or current. For business of less than 1 year in operation, the Management Account is suffice. For Enterprise business, you can prepare your own Financial Statement or use the services of the qualified accountant.
  5. Form B - the Inland Revenue Board if available
3. Appendix 3:
  1. For assets purchased, please attached the assets’ photo, a copy of the receipt/invoice (if available)
  2. A quote for every asset/equipment to be purchased
  3. For existing business, please attached the suppliers’ list and a copies of invoices as a proof of purchase
4. Appendix 4:
  1. Map location & the premises floor design
  2. Photos of the shop & its surroundings (other business premises within the vicinity)
  3. Sales and purchase agreement
  4. A copy of the CF/quit rent (if available)
  5. List of customers’ contact (if available) and copies of the contract
1. This Business Plan format is intended for those preparing their own plan.
2. To get more information on the Business Plan, email us to register for the Business Plan Workshop. Choose the category which suits your needs as below:

Category A Category B 
 1. Have been in business for more than 1 year.  1. Have or have not been in business before.
 2. 1 day training from 9 am - 6 pm. Three meals a day will be provided.  2. 2 days training from 9 am - 6 pm. Three meals a day will be provided.
 3. Fees: RM 100.00/person  3. Fees: RM 200.00/person

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