Khamis, 18/07/2019

Projects Worth RM2b For Small Contractors (New Straits Times-Local News, 16 Mac 2007)

The government has allocated RM2.166 billion for 33,000 small projects this year in a bid to give more opportunities to Class F contractors.

The money is divided into three areas with RM666 million for rural projects, RM500 million for maintainence of public amenities and RM1 billion for basic infrastructure.

The amount is RM666 million more than last year’s allocation of RM1.5 billion for 31,964 projects.

Announcing this yesterday, Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said it was time that projects were given out fairly so that Class F contractors throughout the country would get at least one project each for this year.

There are 32,000 Class F contractors in the country.

Nor was speaking to reporters after handing out 245 small projects, worth RM18 million, to contractors in the state.

Earlier, Nor was at the Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) east coast entrepreneurs networking meeting where he announced that Projek Usahawan Bumiputera dalam Bidang Peruncitan or Bumiputera Entrepreneurs involved in Retail would be rebranded to encourage 30 per cent of its members or 252 of them to get into the wholesale trade.

He felt that after many years of retailing experience, Bumiputera entrepreneurs could play a more important role in the wholesale business.

"We will focus in areas which involve contractors. We also want to venture into textile," he said.