Home Business Financing PROSPER Didik

The package implementation is to offer opportunities for entrepreneurs in venturing into an early childhood education field.

Financing Amount

Financing from RM100 thousand up to RM10 million

  • the maximum amount of financing for sole proprietorships and partnerships is RM300 thousand only
  • financing above RM300 thousand requires the company to be incorporated if approved

Financing Tenure

Up to 7 years

Profit Rate

5% - 8% per annum (subject to purpose of financing)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Sole proprietorship/partnership/incorporated companies
  • 100% Bumiputera-owned business
  • Annual sales value of not less than RM300 thousand*
  • A company in operation for 18 months and above*
  • Updated financial records
  • Good credit records with other financial institutions

*Not applicable to business under ‘Business concept approved by PUNB’

Financing Scope

  • Working capital
  • Business premises renovation
  • Equipment
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