Home Business Financing PROSPER Stesen Minyak

PUNB always strives to boost Bumiputera entrepreneurs’ involvement in petroleum retail field through our financing packages.

Financing Amount

Financing from RM100 thousand up to RM500 thousand

Financing Tenure

Up to 7 years

Profit Rate

5% per annum (subject to purpose of financing)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Sole proprietorships or partnerships
  • 100% Bumiputera-owned business
  • Appointed as an operator or operator of an existing petrol station
  • Obtained a Petroleum Development Act (PDA) license for existing petrol station
  • Status of petrol stations is Company Owned Dealer Operated (CODO) or Company Owned Dealer Operated (CODO)
  • Updated financial records
  • Good credit records with other financial institutions

Financing Scope

  • Working capital
  • Stock of store goods & oil
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