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Tan Sri Acryl Sani bin Haji Abdullah Sani

Tan Sri Acryl Sani bin Haji Abdullah Sani

Tan Sri Acryl Sani bin Haji Abdullah Sani has been appointed as the Chairman of PUNB effective from 1 September 2023.

Tan Sri Acryl Sani was the 13th Inspector-General of Police from 4 May 2021 until 22 June 2023, after assuming the position of Deputy Inspector-General of Police from 14 August 2020 to 3 May 2021.

Born in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, he holds a Master of Science (Management) degree from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). He began his career with the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Cadet on 2 February 1986.

Throughout his service, he has held various positions, including Director of the Internal Security and Public Order Department (2018-2020), Director of the Logistics and Technology Department (2017-2018), Director of the Commercial Crime Investigation Department (2016-2017), Director of the Crime Prevention and Community Policing Department (2014-2016), Perak Chief Police Officer (2013), Sarawak Police Commissioner (2011-2013), Deputy Chairman (2010-2011) and Treasury of Koperasi Polis Diraja Malaysia Berhad (2005-2010), (Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (2007), Terengganu Chief Police Officer (2006), Head of Police Forensics (2005), Commandant of the PDRM College Kuala Kubu Bharu (2004) and Deputy Chief Police Officer of Kampar District (2002-2003).

Tan Sri Acryl Sani's service has also been recognized with distinguished awards and honors, including Pingat Kesatria Mangku Negara (K.M.N) in 1995, Pingat Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (D.I.M.P) in 1997, Pingat Panglima Setia Pasukan Polis (P.S.P.P) in 2011, Pingat Darjah Pahlawan Taming Sari (D.P.T.S) in 2014, Pingat Panglima Gagah Pasukan Polis (P.G.P.P) in 2016, Pingat Darjah Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang (S.S.A.P) in 2017, Pingat Panglima Jasa Negara (P.J.N) in 2019, Pingat Darjah Seri Panglima Taming Sari (S.P.T.S) in 2020, Pingat Darjah Panglima Pangkuan Negeri (D.P.P.N), Pingat Darjah Gemilang Seri Melaka (D.G.S.M) and Pingat Darjah Kebesaran Panglima Mangku Negara (P.M.N) which carries the title 'Tan Sri' in 2021.

Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Chairman of Dagang NeXchange Berhad (DNeX) since 1 August 2023.

Datuk Abd Shukor bin Mahmood

Datuk Abd Shukor bin Mahmood

Datuk Abd Shukor bin Mahmood has been appointed as a Board Member of PUNB effective from 15 October 2023.

Datuk Abd Shukor began his career in 1994 as an Assistant Secretary in the Disciplinary Branch, Human Resource Division at the Ministry of Health before moving to the Prime Minister's Department (JPM) in the Administrative and Planning Division, Office of The Chief Registrar of the Federal Court in the year 2000.

The Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) degree holder from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) later served as Deputy Director General at the Court Planning and Development Unit of the Legal Affairs Division, JPM before being attached to the Legislative and Proceedings Section, Senate Management Division of the Parliament of Malaysia.

The Selangorian’s career and experience continued to expand, particularly in the field of Human Resource Management when he was posted to various ministries, departments and agencies including the Public Service Department, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia from 2007 to 2019 before taking the role of Director General of the Legal Affairs Division in 2022.

Throughout Datuk Abd Shukor's service, he received the Excellent Service Award (APC) in 2010 and was bestowed with the Darjah Pangkuan Seri Melaka in 2019.

Currently, he holds the position of Deputy Secretary-General, Grade Utama A at the Office of Deputy Secretary General (Management) at the Prime Minister's Department.

Encik Azwan Nazri bin Baharuddin

Azwan Nazri bin Baharuddin

Azwan Nazri Baharuddin was appointed as PUNB Board Member on 24th September 2018. 

He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom and has spent over 20 years implementing, managing and consulting projects around the world, delivering business solutions to clients while growing sales. 

Azwan worked in the United Kingdom and Europe for almost four years in the banking industry before moving back to Malaysia. He has held various leadership positions within Asia Pacific with Ernst & Young over the last 10 years, most recently as Partner, Asia Pacific Advisory Business Development Leader, implementing strategic initiatives to grow the business in the region. 

He keeps abreast of the latest digital trends and is passionate about leveraging the potential of digital innovation for Malaysia's transformation. His interest in digital has led him to be a certified Java J2EE Programmer and an active social media influencer. 

Azwan joined Accenture as its Country Managing Director in 2017 and has focused on driving digital as an industry and national transformation agenda.

Encik Zarir bin Mohd Salleh

Zarir bin Mohd Salleh

Zarir Mohd Salleh was appointed as PUNB Board Member on 24th September 2018.

Zarir Mohd Salleh holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He started his career in 1997 with an international accounting firm, BDO Binder Public Accountants and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

As a Chartered Accountant with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand equipped with wide experience of more than 20 years in financial-focused career involving financial reporting, client relationship management, project management, debt restructuring, corporate banking, investment banking and transaction banking, he used to serve in the Corporate Finance Department of CIMB Investment Bank Berhad (formerly known as Commerce International Merchant Bankers Berhad) in 2002, Investment Banking Department of CIMB in 2004, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad's Global Banking Department in 2011 and MUFG Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (formerly known as Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Malaysia) Berhad) as Director of Global Corporate Banking in 2016.

Currently, he is a Managing Director of Corporate Strategy at Affin Bank Berhad.

Puan Sharifah Wahaida Lailatul Syed Hassan Sagaff

Sharifah Wahaida Lailatul binti Syed Hassan Sagaff

Sharifah Wahaida Lailatul Syed Hassan Sagaff was appointed as a Board Member of PUNB effective 10 March 2021.

Sharifah Wahaida started her career as the Assistant Secretary, Planning and Evaluation Division at Ministry of Entrepreneur Development from 1996 until 2002 before holding the position of Assistant Director, Energy Section and Head of Assistant Director, External Assistance Section in the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department from 2004 until 2005.

Sharifah graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) later served in the Ministry of Information before moved on to Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) in 2009 as Deputy Director, Administration, and Finance Section. She had also served the Ministry of Housing and Local Government as the Deputy Secretary Division, Training, and Competency, Human Resources Division before joining the Ministry of Finance in 2014 as Senior Principal Assistant Secretary, Policy Section, Investment Policy Sector in the Strategic Investment Division. Currently, Sharifah is the Deputy Secretary Division, Investment Management and Monitoring Section in the same division.

Throughout her career, she has been conferred the Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) in 2015 and held several positions on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, amongst others were Investment Committee of Malaysian Timber Certification (MTCC), Committee of Kumpulan Wang Industri Elektrik (JKWIE), a board member of Johor Biotechnology and Biodiversity Corporation as well as Forest Plantation Development Sdn Bhd.

Sharifah is also a lifetime member of the Persatuan Suri dan Anggota Wanita Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (PUSPANITA) apart from being appointed as Special Investigation Committee for Auditor-General Report 2017.